Zipline Guidelines

Learn the "Ropes," So You Can Have All the Fun!

Find out how the ziplines work including the requirements, Ground School, equipment. staff training and support so you can be prepared.

Zipline Standards and Protocols

  • Every participant must be a minimum of 70lbs and a maximum of 250lbs. 
  • A participant waiver must be filled out and completed. 
  • Everyone must be willing and able to grasp the cable above their head with a leather glove for braking.  (Don't worry we'll show you everything in Ground School).
Ground School
  • Our experienced team of guides will show you what to expect, how to zipline, how to brake, and how they will support you throughout the entire tour. 
  • You'll wear a safety helmet and a harness clipped into overhead cables with attached safety lanyards. 
  • You'll also wear leather gloves and a brake pad to manage the self-braking system with ease and comfort.
Staff Training & Support
  • Two trained and experienced guides will join your tour, one in the front and one in the back of the group.
  • The guides will perform all the clipping and unclipping of your gear throughout the course at every landing platform.  
  • All guides complete extensive training to meet our high standards of safety and customer care, including time shadowing other experienced guides to complete and excel at all the safety procedures.
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