Sky Guide

The main responsibility of the Zip Line Guide is to host small groups of 2 to 10 people throughout our 2.5-hour zip line experience. Guides are responsible for managing the risks involved in the tour which include but aren’t limited to the physical risks and the emotional risks. Physical risks are mitigated by ensuring that safety equipment is inspected and used according to operating standards and that the guests are following all safety procedures. Emotional risks are mitigated by effectively connecting with guests and creating a welcoming and safe experience as they traverse our course. Other minor responsibilities such as driving, cleaning, organizing, and inspecting the course and equipment might be included.


Day shifts can be between 8AM and 8PM, though most often are between 9AM to 5:30PM. 6 and 9 hour shifts available. Expect work on weekends and around major holidays. Seasonal Part Time with Full Time options available. Must be available during core summer times (8 weeks in July and August). Very flexible scheduling available.

Main Responsibilities

  • Coaching guests in zip line procedures
  • Fitting safety gear to guests and handling safety equipment
  • Teaching about operational safety
  • Making decisions regarding unsafe situations
  • Performing Emergency lower off procedures if necessary
  • Inspecting course and equipment
  • Taking photographs of the guests on tour and their experience
  • Driving, cleaning, and other duties involved in the support of the operation.


  • Teaching and Coaching
  • Hosting a group and being a good conversationalist
  • Decision making and Leadership
  • Being attentive to detail


  • Employment is contingent upon passing a multi-day Zip Line Guide training course.
  • 1 year of experience in a customer service environment.

Special Demands

As an outdoor job, guides are expected to work outside in all safe weather conditions May through October. The job requires standing for a long period of time, traversing our course multiple times a day, a brief period of hiking through trails, and being able to pull someone in if they come up short on a zip line. The job can be physically demanding at times.

Our Ideal Candidates

People who are passionate about the outdoors, are easy going and love to get to know people of many different backgrounds and love the challenge that comes with being responsible for the care and safety of other people.